A CIRCLE AROUND THE WORLD – peace mandala project

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The purpose of the mandalas is to create a focal point for creative workshops, storytelling, discussion, and meditations. Growing up in Belfast during the troubles I came to realize art could be a powerful medium for conflict resolution in divided communities. The mandalas incorporate designs from different cultures around the world and provide a focal point for discussion about effecting social change through art.

DESCRIPTION – chalk street-paintings reflect the ancient tradition of the ephemeral mandala originating in india and tibet and significant in many other world cultures. They can also be a form of self expression and a catalyst for social change.

There are three components of the project

1. for young people – MYTHMAKER WORKSHOPS – combining storytelling from different cultures with chalk art workshops focusing on visual interpretation of narrative. mandala workshops.

2. for youth – MANDALA WORKSHOPS, public art, and discussion groups on creative activism for young adults.

3. adults – MANDALA WORKSHOPS for the business workplace, TED TALKS on related educational and philosophical subjects.

In conjunction with the public mandalas, we run chalk workshops combining world mythology and visual interpretation.
We also offer presentations for local museums, galleries, or art centers to discuss a variety of subjects related to the workshops such as impermanence, urban interventions, social sculpture, public art, creative activism, the role of art in social change.


We’d like to invite guest speakers to give presentations on some examples of related topics – as ted-x and ted-ed talks.

- joseph campbell, mythology, storytelling traditions and the hero’s journey.
- impermanence – philosophical significance – referencing the work of Thich Nat Hanh.
- the role of art in a divided community.
- art and social change – Joseph Beuys – the free international university and the theory of social sculpture.
- mandalas and meditations



To begin the Circle around the World project, we’re planning workshops at The School of Arts and Enterprise in Pomona in july and august 2013 – The School of Arts and Enterprise is a high school with a distinguished history of producing talented, creative individuals who pursue life with a fervent desire to make a difference.


taking the project on the road to Moscow park for 3d streetpainting festival in early september.
atlantic city – 3d festival – late september.


our long term goal is to inspire other groups to continue the project – mandala projects, mythmaker workshops, talks and discussions in cities all over the world.