brief bio

Painter. Born Belfast, 1968.

After completing a Masters degree in Architecture at the University of Edinburgh he spent the next few years traveling around the world as a street-painter and his work was featured at International festivals in Europe, Australia, and America. He now works from a studio in Venice beach and spends summers on retreat painting in the south of France.

A Carpet of Dream published by RJD Enterprises in 1998, and Chalk on Street published on Amazon, 2015, record his work and travels. 

Journey To Zanzibar is a series of paintings and writings based on a journey in East Africa from the banks of lake Malawi to Zanzibar island recently published as a book by Lumen Press, and print collection by Fathom Gallery.

Distillations are contemporary interpretations of traditional modes of painting such as landscape, figure, and portrait in Japanese sumi ink.

Particulate fields are a series of abstract paintings intended as windows for contemplating nature.

On the Nature of Nature is a codex of diagrams and texts about moments of insight throughout history that changed the way we understand the mechanisms of nature.

Instagram @garypalmerart